About the (Closed) Potomac River Generating Station:

May 28, 2015 - Yesterday, along the fence of the closed Potomac River Generating Station in Alexandria, NRG’s Lee Davis and Mayor William Euille of Alexandria dedicated the “Energy Innovation” art mural by local artist Bruce Scallon. The Energy Innovation Mural improves the aesthetics of the site while permanent redevelopment is ongoing.

In the fall of 2012, the Potomac River Generating Station (PRGS), formerly owned and operated by GenOn Energy, Inc. was permanently shut down.

NRG Energy, Inc., which merged with GenOn in December of 2012 and now owns the facility, is proceeding with decommissioning the plant in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Following the decommissioning process, NRG will explore redevelopment options for the former PRGS site. Any future redevelopment of the site will follow applicable City of Alexandria planning and zoning procedures. Please note that Pepco, the Potomac Electric Power Company, has a property interest in, and owns and operates an electrical substation on, the site.

For a link to the City of Alexandria’s website that includes historical information on the facility: Click here.

PRGS Current Status - June 1, 2015

  • On January 22, 2014, NRG submitted to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ) the preliminary report on the test results conducted by its environmental consulting firm at the former Potomac River power plant site. This was to determine the current situation, and what needs to be accomplished, in response to previous leaks of two underground oil storage tanks at the site.
  • As part of the plant deactivation activities, the tanks were cleaned and filled with concrete in February 2013, eliminating the source of the oil.
  • NRG received a letter from the VDEQ dated March 4, 2014 concerning the situation at the site. We worked with the VDEQ to develop a Corrective Action Plan as outlined in the letter.
  • Investigations were conducted from April 2013 through October 2014. During the investigation, numerous soil borings were advanced, and over 50 monitoring wells were installed.
  • Interim measures to recover “free product” and oily water have been in place since March 2014.
  • There is no risk to human health and no risk to sources of drinking water.
  • As requested by VDEQ, NRG submitted the Corrective Action Plan on September 5, 2014.
  • Based on the plan, NRG will work to address and fully resolve the situation at the plant.
  • NRG, with assistance from its environmental consultant, has proposed corrective action at the site that was explained during a public meeting at the Alexandria City Hall on February 3rd, 2015. For a copy of the presentation, click here.
  • NRG worked with the NPS and the DDOE to develop the remediation plan. In addition, both agencies provided input to the plan prior to VDEQ’s approval. Our stated position through this process, including at the public meeting we had at the City, has been and continues to be that NRG will work with all agencies - VDEQ, the City, National Park Service and DDOE – to address the UST issue.

April 23, 2014 PRGS Monitoring Group Meeting

Thank you to those who attended. For a copy of the presentation, click here.

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